Friday, February 18, 2011

zsnesw - Asshole mario

Super Mario to the EXTREME !!

wanna see look Asshole Mario up on you tube

So, you think you're good at Mario, huh? Well, Here's the deal: The friend of the best Super Mario World player in the world (some Japanese guy, naturally) hacked the SMW ROM and made his own levels to challenge his friend. To call these levels "insanely hard" would be an understatement.

Let's just say this guy loves his invisible blocks and invincible piranha plants.

The evil genius of the levels cannot be understated, nor the amazing ability of the player, who does beat them all… Eventually. He dies thousands of times in the process though, and the videos capture every single death (heavily edited for time, fortunately).

Note that, to preserve his sanity, the ROM has been additionally hacked so that he always has 99 lives, when otherwise you'd start with 5. It also saves after every stage. Nevertheless, this guy must have torn out all his hair and broken 2098230823087 controllers by the time he finished.

It's fun watching the work of expert ROM hackers like whoever made this being played. You can tell from the amount of work he put into just one of these levels alone that he has extensive knowledge of the most minute details of the SMW engine. The various traps he's created in each level that require precise, pixel perfect movement from the player must've taken a lot of testing to finally get perfect.



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