Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Portal 2 play coop over lan

play coop over lan:

1) Enter the game one both computers and Enable Developer Console in the options.

2) Hit " ` " to open the console. Then type in... sv_lan 1.

3) The client should connect first as it disconnects if the host is in the empty game for a few seconds, but the client can wait forever.
Client: Type into the console... connect replacing the <> with an ip.
For example... connect

4) Host then selects the map by entering into their own console... map mp_coop_ replacing the <> with the name of the map of choice listed below.
For example... map mp_coop_start

5) The host will connect and the client will see the blue bar fill, finally entering the game.

Map List (In Order)


The current map name can be found in the console after it loads (for continuing at a later time) but all gestures earned will be lost, as if anyone cares.
Note that they may reroute you to the "mp_coop_lobby_2" multiple times in which case you just have to restart the process for the next level.


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