Sunday, January 16, 2011


BrixFormer is a pack of 8 brilliant logical and puzzle games. If you want to relax after a long working day or you would like your child to play developing and interesting games we advise you to try BrixFormer.You will enjoy this game! 8 different games, 3 sizes of playing fields and 3 levels of complexity - everybody can find game according to his taste. This game will draw you away from everyday troubles and fill your leisure-time with amusement.

These are the games included in BrixFormer:

Very addictive strategic game. You may change your strategy while playing. Repaint your zone to gain more territory than your opponent.

Collect bonuses, swap bricks, make cascades, score points. Keep your bonuses as long as possible. Don't use them at once.

No rush! Towers on each side gradually decrease and bricks which cannot be removed accumulate in the center of playing-field.

Strategic and logistic game, which combines popular games "Lines" and "Columns" in one. But it also has a unique gameplay.

A very interesting game for those, who like to meet the challenge and solve a puzzle. Don't get mistaken in its apparent simplicity. It's more difficult than it seems. The fancy of Rubik's brick will enjoy this game.

Try to solve a logic problem - collect all the colors together, but remember that every move is counted.

Easy to understand and play game, no time preassure. Suitable for long play and short break relaxation.

Very simple game but just at first sight.

Free Full version

o 8 great games for price of one
o Medium and hard skill levels
o Medium and large game fields
o Autosave option so you can continue unfinished games.
o No nags and ads
o Free support and updates
o limitless fun

System requirements

* Pentium II 800 MHz
* 128 Mb RAM
* 20 Mb HDD
* 100% OpenGL
* Sound (optional)
* OS Windows 9x/200x/XP/Vista/7



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