Saturday, January 15, 2011

Super Mario DX

Super Mario DX


Halloween with Super Mario

A very nice fan game, but a difficult one. The graphics are very good. The music and sound effects are great. You even have a health meter. You can triple jump and you can wall-kick. It has fully functional Mario everything, from turtle shells to fire flowers to spring boards.
The controls are not easy at all. eg. By pressing Shift twice you can make a double jump, but you need some pratice to find out the exact timing to do it.

Having celebrated a recent defeat over the mighty Dark Wizard, King Bowser of the Koopa, Peach and Mario begin the period of "downtime". However, not so much as having time to even breathe a sigh of relief, Princess Peach is snatched once again -- but the creature who took her certainly didn't -look- like one of Bowser's minions, did it? No matter, off to rescue the Princess, again!

Controls: keyboard or game pad
Arrows = move
Shift = jump (2x shift to Double jump, Triple jump, Glide if you have rabbit ears, Hold to bounce off things higher, Wallkick)
Ctrl = Run (+ Fire Fireball if you have Fire Flower)
F8 = Menu on/off
Alt/Enter = windowed/full screen
To use your gamepad, press CTRL + Y, and select "Joystick 1". to change controls click the X box in row 1 by keyboard

Size: 25.23MB

- Playable Luigi
- 7 levels, plus 4 hidden levels
- 4 bosses, plus 2 hidden bosses
- Concept Art, Scrapped Levels
- Text-based Director's Commentary
- Plenty of easter eggs
- Revised level designs over the original game
- Date activated secrets


For : ALL Windows

in Vista and 7 on all exe right click properties / compatibility/ goto xp then apply and Enjoy !


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